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In-house Catering
Hot Buffet

Our hot buffet options are only available inside Sweep's Cafe. Due to this, we require at least a 3-day notice period, this is to give us enough time to get everything prepared for you! 

Get in touch with us today if you would like to book, or have some questions regarding these options. 
Contact us by calling ...
01772 812540

Selection of four delicious options, all £8.95 per person; 


with chips and rice


Chicken Curry

with chips, rice, and poppadoms


Beef Hotpot

with pickled cabbage and crusty bread



with garlic bread and salad



Choose from three meat options

£12.95 per person, one meat choice
£13.95 per person, two meat choice 
£14.95 per person, three meat choice 
All are also served with roast potatoes, new potatoes, carrot and swede, buttered cabbage, cauliflower cheese, homemade Yorkshire puddings, and meat gravy!

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